Stress Relief Retreat

Our approach at Stress Relief Retreat is based on ayurvedic therapies to improve systemic circulation, improve sleep quality, and alleviate other physiological disruptions associated with stress. It helps participants attain a calm mind. A combination of  with yoga and classical Ayurvedic treatments like Shirodhara, Thakradhara, Siroabyangam, Sirovasthy, etc., combat the symptoms and root causes of stress. 

 Our stress relief retreat also focuses on ailments caused by stress, such as fatigue syndromes, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and cardiovascular ailments. 

What Does Stress Relief Retreat Packages Include?


Comfortable and serene lodging designed to enhance relaxation and tranquillity.

Doctor's Consultation

Personalised health assessments and guidance by experienced Ayurvedic physicians.

Nadi Pariksha with Prakriti Analysis

A comprehensive pulse diagnosis to understand individual body constitution and imbalances.

Ayurveda Destress Therapies

Daily sessions of traditional Ayurvedic treatments aimed at alleviating stress and rejuvenating the body

Naturopathy Therapies

Daily natural healing practices tailored to promote relaxation and detoxification.

Meditation and Pranayama

Guided breathing exercises and meditation sessions to foster mental clarity and inner peace.

Sattvik Meals

Nutritious and balanced vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared according to Ayurvedic principles.

Customised Outdoor Activities

Tailored activities like hiking, cycling, and swimming, considering the individual’s health condition and treatment course.

Benefits of Stress Relief Retreat 

Improves Quality of Sleep

Sleep quality is essential to keep the body and mind healthy. Stress relief retreat performs therapies that remove biological factors that disrupt the sleep cycle. Workshops and counselling sessions teach the participants healthy sleeping habits to enhance the quality of sleep.

Relieves Chronic Conditions

Stress Relief Retreat treats various conditions that arise from stress, including migraine, cluster headaches, insomnia, fatigue and hypertension.

Improves Body Energy

Through various activities and ayurvedic therapies, Stress Relief Retreat eliminates toxins from the body and activates energy centres. It results in enhanced metabolism, energy mobilisation, and revitalisation of body and mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the Stress Relief Retreat?

There are no eligibility criteria to attend a stress relief retreat. Individuals, regardless of age, gender, profession and health conditions, seeking to reduce stress and a peaceful break to revitalise their body and mind can benefit from the packages.

How do the therapies at the retreat cater to individual stress triggers and symptoms?

Doctors  at the de-stress retreat are customized to address individual stress triggers and symptoms through personalized assessments, offering tailored interventions such as relaxing therapies, counselling, and mind-body practices.

What are the booking and cancellation/refund policies for the retreat?

Visit our page on booking policies and cancellation policies for more details. Contact us if you have any additional queries.

Is there any focus on nutritional education as part of stress management?

Nutritional education is a central focus in stress management, providing guidance on stress-reducing foods, mindful eating practices, and organizing workshops to empower participants with dietary tools for stress resilience