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Customised Packages

Experience personalised wellness with tailored Ayurvedic treatments. Our experts assess your unique needs to create bespoke therapy plans focusing on your specific health goals.


Rejuvenating Location

Set in a tranquil, natural environment ideal for rejuvenation and outdoor activities like hiking or trekking. The lush greenery and serene scenery enhance healing and relaxation.


Holistic Approaches

Embrace comprehensive healing with our holistic therapies. Integrating traditional Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, and meditation, we focus on nurturing your mind, body, and spirit for complete wellness.

About Shathayu Retreat

Shathayu retreat is an ayurveda and yoga retreat surrounded by greenery, hills, and a tranquil lake that offers pure air, a serene atmosphere, and pleasant visuals. With over 20 exquisitely designed rooms, a dedicated yoga hall, a therapy centre, and a spiritual garden, our retreat provides an idyllic ambience for your rejuvenation.

Shatayu Retreat offers programs to treat specific diseases, such as arthritis and migraine, using traditional physical techniques and herbal medicines. It also offers packages that help manage chronic conditions like diabetes and chronic pain. The programs target the cause of the diseases, improve overall health, and impart lasting positive effects on the body.

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Along its journey of 125 years, Shathayu has expanded its knowledge of Ayurveda and excelled in the art of practising a wide range of Ayurveda therapies. We have opened avenues for targeted therapies as well as wellness programs to rejuvenate body, mind, and soul.

Our perpetual effort to excel and find solutions to treat specific diseases based on Ayurveda principles has culminated in various treatment programs. In addition, we have developed wellness programs to enhance the quality of life using natural methods.

Our Retreat Packages 

Rejuvenation Retreat

  • Rejuvenation therapies have anti-aging effects as they detoxify the body and boost metabolism and immunity.
  • It includes a well-structured series of sessions of yoga, meditation, naturopathy, pranayama, beauty therapy, etc.

Detox Retreat

  • Ayurveda Detox  enhances metabolism, alleviates disease conditions and nourishes the body.
  • Intense  detox methods work at the cellular level, allowing your body’s biological systems to return to a state of balance and healing.

Woman Wellness Retreat

  • Addresses the unique needs of women’s health, including hormonal changes, sexual health, skin care, bone and joint well-being, and menstrual concerns.
  • The program aims to release emotional stress by enabling them to unwind, recharge and revive themselves .

Stress Relief Retreat

  • The program involves personalised detailed physical and mental assessments to understand the cause of chronic stress.
  • Combination of yoga, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda therapy, herbal body pack, beauty therapy, music therapy, etc.

Disease Treatments 


Ayurvedic diabetes treatment manages blood sugar, enhances insulin sensitivity, and prevents complications through diet, lifestyle, and herbs.


Ayurvedic Sinusitis Treatment uses herbs, diet, and nasal therapies, including Dhumapana, steam inhalation, and cleansing exercises, to soothe and expel doshas.

Parkinson's Disease

Herbs, diet, yoga, and Ayurvedic therapies improve overall health. Shirodhara and Shirobasti Ayurvedic therapies externally halt neurodegeneration


Ayurvedic migraine treatment involves Kaya Virechana, Pathya Ahara, and Vihara techniques. Shathayu provides customized, research-based treatment.


Customized detox for males enhances sperm health and reproductive function with a blend of herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and more.

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Hear from our clients about the impact our programs have made on their journey

VK Shan
VK Shan
GREAT EXPERIENCE Results speak very well Treatment and Doctors did a wonderful job at all leveld Customer service very pleasing Food of course quite good Overall enjoyed my stay fully Cheers Kumar
manasa mahadevan
manasa mahadevan
Very good experience. The therapy was amazing and the service was very good. People were very accommodating The only one thing I would recommend is if the doctors can inform the patients what to prepare for while doing the treatment
subramanyam subbu
subramanyam subbu
After calling calling I had an worst experience from who is handling calls ... This is not going to help you worst experience ,please don't go anyone they don't No minimum respect towards their customers ...
subbu gvr
subbu gvr
I called them to book an appointment for retreat, the person who is handling phone at reception he don't no how to talk with customers, he was very rude and harsh,he is getting irritated after receiving call,he was disconnected the call on my face, giving big advertisement is not going to help you... Keep some good people... He is the worst fellow with whom I spoke to him ..... Worst experience this is not the way to treat people... Even I'm working in health care industry .. WORST EXPERIENCEEXPERIENCE and worst staff
Mani Thiru
Mani Thiru
Conveniently located 30min from Bengaluru airport, Shathayu is staffed by wonderful people who support your wellness journey. The doctors - Lachitha, Arun, Mahima & Bhavana were great! The yoga, meditation and Tibetan bowl healing led by yoga-master, Rudra was also exceptional. And my favourite therapists, Arunima & Monisha were excellent. The entire support staff from the reception and kitchen to housekeeping were great at their work and I found myself leaving in much better shape than when I checked in!
Ashwin Rao
Ashwin Rao
Excellent place for a detox and for a reset. A lovely location, courteous staff, healthy food, excellent doctors. Learnt a lot about my Prakrtiti, do’s and don’ts, yoga, treatments for my issues, and meditation. Would highly recommend.
Malleshappa Sokke
Malleshappa Sokke
I had a wonderful stay at Shathayu. Place very calm, near to nature. Doctors are friendly, attentive and helpful. All the staffs from reception, therapists and dinning are very supportive. Food is nice. I will visit again. Thank you all.

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